The camera barricade system allows remote operators to prohibit access to rotating equipment. The camera barricade system works by setting up specialty cameras to monitor any entrances to the rotating equipment and when an individual is sensed crossing into the equipment zone, the system stops and locks-out the rotating equipment until the area has been cleared and the operator can reset the barricade. 

IMT Integrated Mining Technology is a leader in mine communication and data transfer systems. We specialize in FIBER, LEAKY FEEDER, MOD BUS and VIDEO SYSTEM design, installation, troubleshooting and repair.

IMT designs and fabricates customized wired and wireless mine communication solutions to meet the unique needs of each mine site.

IMT is one of the leading distributors for mine communication products and services.


IMT Integrated Mining Technology is a mine communications solutions provider specializing in Fiber, Wifi, Modbus, Leaky Feeder, LAN networks.

As a leader in wired and wireless communication IMT provides full turnkey communication and data transfer services with rapid customization and development in mine communications systems.

IMT works hard to be your mine communication provider of choice when it comes to fast turnaround, quality products and fast installation.

Our mission is to enhance your mine’s profitability, productivity and safety.

Our Services:

-Communication troubleshooting & problem solving

-Underground mine communication network design

-Barricade systems for remote operated heavy equipment

-Air quality monitoring systems

-Fiber communication

-Mine communication network repair and installation

-Mine site Technology – wired & wireless communication solutions

-Remote Control of mining equipment

-Underground tracking

-Vehicle production monitoring

-Vehicle Monitoring & diagnostics

-Fiber splicing (Mechanical & Fusion)

-24/7 IT communication customer support

-LAN networks

-Real-time data & communication reporting

                            IMT Integrated Mining Technologies is ISO Certified.

                            IMT Integrated Mining Technoligies documents, implements,                                         and maintains a quality management system and continually                                         improves its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements                                     of the ISO 9001:2008 International Standard.

IMT Safety Record

IMT is proud of our safety record with ZERO loss-time work injuries since 2003.

IMT recognizes that productivity is directly correlated to safety performance. One accident or injury can cause schedule delays, hard and soft cost increases and cause missed deadlines. More importantly, injuries to precious human assets are not acceptable to IMT, their families or our customers.

As part of our program, IMT employees receive extensive safety training before starting work and also receive project specific safety orientation at the jobsite.

Air Warden - Air Quality Monitoring System ​


Connect Communicate Control

The Air Warden is a fully integrated air monitoring system designed to be installed in working environments to ensure air quality standards are met. The Air Warden connects via wired TCP/IP or wirelessly to existing infrastructure. It can be monitored on the attached screen, remotely through webpage access, or through existing PLC SCADA monitoring software. 

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Camera Barricade System - Rotating Equipment ​